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Goshen Ladies Ministries



Founder Gailey Mwesigwa Describes the Return from Pandemic 

It's a very great opportunity to inform you as "Goshen ladies' ministry "we are back in action by the grace of God and we want to thank God for the past years where by we have been holding ladies' programs such as conferences, convention,prayer meetings etc

Due to the outbreak of the covid 19 pandemic, we were forced to put our programs on hold following the lockdown and government restrictions. 

We are so much honored to inform all our followers and friends that we are back in action after the lifting of the lockdown. This is a year where by we are going to encourage,motivate, empower and show love to our sisters through the following programs this year 2022;

1- Goshen girls' jazz

2- Mother’s Reach Out 

3- Prayer connection 

4- Goshen ladies convention 

5- Goshen ladies retreat

For more information kindly check on us on www.goshenladiesministries.org

GLM Founder Gailey Mwesigwa speaking to a group of young women and providing feminine hygiene products
GLM Founder Gailey Mwesigwa speaking to a group of young women and providing feminine hygiene products

Goshen Girls Jazz Event

The Girls Jazz Event was a spirited success. 

Goshen Ladies Ministries (GLM) Founder Gailey Mwesigwa and her team ministered to 100 girls and received their marvelous testimonies. In addition, she raised the funds to supply these young ladies with a kit that included feminine hygiene products, underwear and the like. It was a blessing to be able to do this and we sincerely thank all those who donated and who prayed for this project. Most of all we would like to thank God for his spirit that was present during this occasion.

Mother’s Reach Out Event,  Kampala, Uganda August 30, 2022

Goshen Ladies Ministries (GLM) Founder Gailey Mwesigwa has observed that Women are going through a lot of challenges. This is due in part to the high prices of commodities, changes in circumstances due to COVID and the subsequent Lockdown. She has observed a great deal of women with an  unplanned pregnancy and in need of both prenatal and postnatal support. There are many reasons for these unplanned pregnancies. The lockdown contributed to women being sexually abused, while others slept with men as a way to survive the pandemic only to subsequently be thrown aside. 

Due to the reasons stated above Gailey is planning Mother’s Reach Out Event to attempt to connect to these new mothers and mothers to be. There will be counseling the sharing of Gods word, encouragement and support. We also plan to give out 

Diapers, pads,formula milk, sugar,soap, handies, baby sheets etc. But the giving of these gifts depends on the KIND DONATIONS FROM FRIENDS LIKE YOU. 

These marginalized women have no place to turn. Please help us help them. You can donate on this website. Donations in any amount gratefully appreciated. Every penny of your donation goes to these at risk ladies.