Goshen Ladies Miniseries 

Goshen Ladies Miniseries 


Goshen Ladies Miniseries Christ Centered Outreach For the Neediest of Women in Kampala, Uganda

A Safe Place For All Women

Our aspiration is to rescue women from their brokenness, by empowering them with the Word of God, so they can become new creations in Christ.

“Therefore we should press on and allow the spirit of God to work in us”- Romans 4:14


THE LAND OF GOSHEN was the district of Egypt that was given to the Hebrews by Pharaoh (GEN 45:9-10). It was part of the best land in the Nile Delta and was very fertile and well-watered. During their time in Goshen, the Israelites greatly multiplied and prospered. (GEN 46:34). 

So as Goshen was given to the Israelites, we have been given Gods Son, Jesus Christ! "For God so loved world that he gave us His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life" (JOHN 3:16) They will never thirst again, and they will bear the fruits of the Spirit. (JOHN15:1) In him we can do all things.

The Goshen Ladies  Ministry is Christ centered and we are looking unto Him; the Author and Finisher of our Faith.

OUR MISSION: We strive to be a source of inspiration, hope and to become a positive force in the lives of our members, empowering them to be ladies of God and good influence. We inspire our members become strong, positive, self sufficient women and in their communities, despite the brokenness of their past.

Gailey Mwesigwa Shares Her Thoughts and Inspires Readers 

You Can See Uplifting Spiritual Messages and Videos of Mrs. Mwesigwa Here

Gailey is feeling Thankful with her husband, Tonny Mwesigwa on Oct 17, 2020

As for me and my house, we shall give the LORD THANKS IN THE GREAT CONGREGATION: WE SHALL PRAISE YOU AMONG MUCH PEOPLE. We have many reasons to be grateful for ,HE has done great things!! I thank HIM for HIS love and kindness. His love has never failed us in anyway, you have made impossibilities to be doable before us.

~PSALMS 35:18

Beloved 🌹 what are you thankful for?? Yes you could be going through hardships and you are at the point of giving up, before you do that, think about the gift of life and appreciate God, if you're still alive,there's still hope for you to achieve the best of your life. HAVE FAITH IN GOD, for the just shall live by faith...... ~ HEBREW 10:38

Have a blessed Sunday and week friends!!!






A very beautiful and touching video from Gailey Mwesigwa 

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If you would like to read more spiritual, uplifting posts from our founder, Gailey Mwesigwa, please go to our Facebook or Instagram accounts. If you’d like to see our videos, please go to our YouTube link.

How Goshen Ladies Ministries’ approach the problems facing destitute  women today in Kampala Uganda

Gailey Mwesigwa with members of the Goshen Ladies Miniseries
Gailey Mwesigwa with members of the Goshen Ladies Miniseries

Our ways of providing hope and help

1-Providing fellowship, interchanges of encouragement, and hope for a better future, by holding annual ladies conventions where we share the Word of God and our testimonies, as well as counseling and guidance to help women gain positiveness in their lives, regardless of their past brokenness.

2-Empowering ladies spiritually and socially by studying the word of God.

3-Instructing the girls and women about positive living, as well as making outreach missions to young and underprivileged mothers by providing them with personal feminine hygiene items, baby-care kits and pregnancy test-kits.

4-Providing Bible based Counseling and guidance for members and non members alike.

5-Reach out to the Hospitals with our ministry with a focus on new mothers.

6-Reach out to schools with our ministry to provide the children with the word of God.

7-Setting up vocational institutes for women.

Goshen Ladies Ministries' Current Campaigns and Outreach Programs

Thank you for visiting our Current Campaigns web page. Below are our most current programs

September 15, 2020 -Goshen Ladies Ministries' Founder, Gailey Mwesigwa, announces she is currently taking donations for Goshen Hospital Mission. This mission is open to new mothers and will provide them Christian support and counseling as well as much needed items such as formula, diapers, bras, socks, toiletries, sanitary pads, warm clothing, etc.

Upcoming Outreach Programs are as follows:

1 Goshen Hospital Mission, June 2021

2 Goshen Street Evangelism, August 2021

3 Goshen School Mission, September 2021

4 Goshen Ladies Annual Convention, October 2021

For further information on these events please contact Gailey Mwesigwa, Founder.