Goshen Ladies Ministries

Goshen Ladies Ministries


How Goshen Ladies Ministries’ approach the problems facing destitute  women today in Kampala Uganda

Gailey Mwesigwa with members of the Goshen Ladies Miniseries
Gailey Mwesigwa with members of the Goshen Ladies Miniseries

Our ways of providing hope and help

1-Providing fellowship, interchanges of encouragement, and hope for a better future, by holding annual ladies conventions where we share the Word of God and our testimonies, as well as counseling and guidance to help women gain positiveness in their lives, regardless of their past brokenness.

2-Empowering ladies spiritually and socially by studying the word of God.

3-Instructing the girls and women about positive living, as well as making outreach missions to young and underprivileged mothers by providing them with personal feminine hygiene items, baby-care kits and pregnancy test-kits.

4-Providing Bible based Counseling and guidance for members and non members alike.

5-Reach out to the Hospitals with our ministry with a focus on new mothers.

6-Reach out to schools with our ministry to provide the children with the word of God.

7-Setting up vocational institutes for women.