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Goshen Ladies Miniseries 

Goshen Ladies Miniseries 


Gailey Mwesigwa Shares Her Thoughts and Inspires Readers 

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Gailey is feeling Thankful with her husband, Tonny Mwesigwa on Oct 17, 2020

As for me and my house, we shall give the LORD THANKS IN THE GREAT CONGREGATION: WE SHALL PRAISE YOU AMONG MUCH PEOPLE. We have many reasons to be grateful for ,HE has done great things!! I thank HIM for HIS love and kindness. His love has never failed us in anyway, you have made impossibilities to be doable before us.

~PSALMS 35:18

Beloved 🌹 what are you thankful for?? Yes you could be going through hardships and you are at the point of giving up, before you do that, think about the gift of life and appreciate God, if you're still alive,there's still hope for you to achieve the best of your life. HAVE FAITH IN GOD, for the just shall live by faith...... ~ HEBREW 10:38

Have a blessed Sunday and week friends!!!




A very beautiful and touching video from Gailey Mwesigwa 

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More Spiritual Messages From Gailey Mwesigwa, Founder, Goshen Ladies Miniseries 

Sunday November 1, 2020



BELOVED, You might be having many questions in your life following what you're going through. You have done whatever it takes to see that you make a difference but things are have not worked out.


Am here to ENCOURAGE you that don't lose hope dear one♥️, keep your good relationship with Jesus and continue doing the will of God. Challenges are part of our lives and journey but in the right time our Lord will BRING OUT THE BEST VERSION OF YOU💪💪.

LAZARUS was a friend of Jesus but it didn't mean that he would be challenge free. Yes they PRAYED for his healing but Jesus stayed back without coming to see Lazarus until he died, not only that he was burried for four days🤭. All the sorrounding believed that was the end of Lazarus's story but after all that JESUS comes and RESURRECTS Lazarus. 

Dear one in the right time our Lord is going to heal you and set you free completely when you least expect it to happen. LAZARUS RESURRECTED SICKNESS FREE.


I pray that the Lord brings out the best version of you this time of the year. 

~JOHN 11:1-

NOTE: Don't miss part two of this message next week

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Goshen ministry is feeling hopeful.October 10 · 

BELOVED🌹🌹 Life is a journey full of UPS and DOWNS. All these come with problems to solve and lessons to learn as well as experiences.
Therefore do not lose hope in the Lord,be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage;be strong.
You need to understand that all problems are solvable, There is time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens
Understand that in that trying moment and test your TESTIMONY AWAITS. Press on don't give up it's not yet over with you our Lord,THE MIGHTY MAN OF WAR IS AT WORK.💪💪 You're about to testify.

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